Frequently Asked Questions

1. Every time I try to access this site, all articles appear as rectangle shapes. I cannot read them all. How could I deal with this problem?
  • Every Article is written in Khmer Unicode. There are a few steps to do in order to make it readable:

1. Find the latest Khmer Unicode Package and install it to your computer

Try the following sites for download:

If you are not sure about how to install it read this:

2. Copy file usp10.dll in folder C:\Program Files\Khmer Unicode x.x (X is the version of you installed Khmer Unicode) and paste it to:

  • a. Folder C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox, if you are using FireFox browser

  • b. Folder C:\Program Files\Opera, if you are using Opera browser

  • c. C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer

And also paste it to folder:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\ Microsoft Shared\OFFICE11\ (if you are using Ms Office 2003; this helps Unicode working well with Ms Office)

3. Set your browser to view Khmer Unicode:

For Internet Explorer browser
->Tools->Internet Options
->General (tab)
->Appearance (bottom section)
->Language Script
->Choose Khmer->Khmer OS

For Mozilla Firefox
->Default Font: Khmer OS System (size 16)

For Opera browser
->General (tab)
->Choose Khmer OS in Language box

Or go to Advance tab -> Select language -> Detailed Font Selection
Select one of favorite setting -> click Choose -> set up font and size
base on your need.

2. How to post comment to article?

  • You just directly click on the article that your want to post your comment, and while you see the word "Post a Comment" at the buttom, just click it. The comment dialog will pop up, and you can write your text in the Leave-Your-Comment box. Finally, choose an Identity (OpenID, Name/URL, or Anonymous), and click PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT button.

3. Why my comment is not shown publicly , after I published it?

  • Maybe you violated the rule by writing any inappropriate words in your comment. Or maybe it is waiting for moderation from the author.

4. If I would like to write a question, comment, or suggestion directly to the author, how could I do it?

  • Please go to Contact Page and write your question, comment, or suggestion there.

5. How to do number of visitor and currently visiting number button as what have posted in your sidebar?

  • Click on the picture there to reach the provider’s site and get one for your blog by copy and paste the HTML or Javascript code to your blog widget.

6. Are there any ways to customize blogger template?

  • Sure, if you are not satisfied with the default or existing templates of blogger, you can make modification; this means that you can upload your own template as well as customize your template style. If you understand HTML and have some knowledge about CSS, that would not be hard.

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